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Do you want to be part of history and contribute to preserving a cultural treasure? Become a member of the Ohs Bruks Railway Museum Association today!

Our association fights to preserve and care for the unique cultural and historical treasure that the Ohsabanan is. By becoming a member, you support our important work and ensure that future generations can also enjoy this fantastic part of our cultural heritage.

As a member, you not only get the satisfaction of contributing to the preservation of Ohsabanan,

Becoming a member is easy. By paying the annual membership fee, you officially become part of our association. The fee is both an expression of your commitment and an important source of funding for our projects and activities. As a member, you receive the association's member magazine Rälsbiten and ride with us for free, subject to space, during the summer traffic.

How to become a member:

  1. Pay the annual membership fee to our Bankgiro 765-3181 or via Swish 123 033 536 4.

  2. Fill in the form below with your postal information.

Take the step and become part of Ohs Bruk's Railway Museum Association today! Together we can continue to preserve and share the exciting history of the Ohsabanan.

Do you want to be involved in our business? Then make sure to become an active member.

Member  -  300kr

Member abroad  -  350kr

Family member  -  80kr

Permanent membership  -  4500kr

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