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In order to develop Ohsabanan as an association and give our visitors a better experience, Ohsabanan is now building a new station area in Gimarp, Vision Gimarp. The goal is for the station in Gimarp to become a new meeting place for Ohsbanan's visitors, local residents and the local business community.


With the help and support of the National Antiquities Authority, Leader Linné Småland, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and Leader, new toilets, an activity area, a catering building and a new station building are now being built.

With the new station area, Ohsabanan will be able to offer its guests at Ice Train and Tomtetåg better comfort and facilities. For our guests who have booked their own trains, we will be able to offer new opportunities for serving, conference and entertainment together with our partners from the local business community, regardless of the weather and season.

The hope is that Vision Gimarp will be up and running by the Ice Cream Train on June 10 and be completely ready with all stages by the summer of 2025.

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