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About the track

The railway is still in its entirety at 14.5 km. From Ohs at the southernmost tip of Lake Rusken, the course rises to a high plateau with forest and bogs. Then the track sinks again down towards Bor (at most with 41 per mille). However, the stations along the route have changed somewhat since the track became a museum railway precisely to better suit today's tourist activities.


Track technical data
Track width: 600 mm
Length of main track: 14.5 km
Maximum climb: 41 o / oo
Minimum curve radius in main track: 100 m
Rail weights: 14-27 kg / m
Maximum permitted speed: 20 km / h

Stations & stops:

Ohs (km 14,5)

In Ohs, there are today roundabout tracks, turntable, wagon hall, workshop and locomotive sheds. There are also all the service points in the form of a water tower with a water horse and a coal bridge with an associated coal yard and woodshed. There is also a station building and a Railway Café where you can buy various refreshments, coffee, books and souvenirs.

The railway yard area has since 1970 undergone an extensive expansion to be able to set up all rolling stock both outside and inside the various halls. At the time of the mill, this was inside the mill area. Unfortunately, almost all traces in the area of use have been removed after the pulp mill was closed down.

The impregnation (km 13.9)

This is an old loading dock that belonged to the mill in Ohs. Here was an impregnation plant that treated wood from the saw that belonged to the mill inside Ohs. Today, the site serves as a warehouse for rails and wagons awaiting renovation.

Ekebohult (km 12,8)

This is a stop for Ekebohult's farm. The train stops only at the request of passengers and sometimes even to leave and pick up goods.

Elgaryd (km 10,5)

At the stop in Elgaryd there is a barbecue area. Here, too, the train stops on request.

Gimarp (km 9,8)

Here in the middle of the forest is the only meeting station between Ohs and Bor Norra with switches at both ends of the railway yard. The station building consists of a small expedition and a windbreak for waiting travelers. There is also a water tower with an associated water horse. From the station there is a hiking trail around Elgarydssjön and to the nature reserve Moen's primeval forest.

Gimarpsby (km 8,6)

Stop near Gimarps village.

Hösjömo (km 5,9)

Stop for the croft Hösjömo. Can be used for those who intend to walk a bit to get on the train again in another place.

Stensjön (km 4,0)

The station with a spur track is located by the lake of the same name. Here is the track's smallest station building. Sometimes wagons loaded with timber and other things are left and picked up on the track. The trains have a fixed stop here.

Sjövägen (km 1,8)

At this stop, those who wish can get off and visit the nature reserve Rusareboäng.

Bor Norra (km 0,0)

Ohsabanan's other terminus is located in Bor and is called Bor Norra to differ from the one located by the normal track railway. Here you can change between Ohsabanan and Krösatåget's motor cars. The station has a small station house, a turntable and a roundabout. In the past, the goods from the mill were reloaded into normal-track freight wagons, and elsewhere pulpwood and supplies were taken home to the mill in Ohs.

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